I have finally finished the “Plant-doc’s” rough draft. All I need is to develop it a little and it will be ready to upload on Google.
I have also made two more documents (which will be uploaded soon too) as I edited the timeline which is now ready (though it is still missing dates): a list of Kanlehzhoy’s most notable kings and of Mi’Zhika’s most notable chiefs, and a little Peshinooti glossary (which is rather useless, just there to list the few “foreign” words we made up in case they need to be replaced ASAP).
This will all be uploaded soon.
:iconizzatakiwa: has finished his sketches on the planet’s solar system and is currently working on Mihro’s IC journal and a few sketches. For those of you who were not on Chatzy today, the world itself is known as Ô, the Peshinooti’s country of origin is Kanlezhoy, and the island is (duh) Mi’Zhika. I seriously hope I will be able to edit everything one last time before I leave so that I may send :iconizzatakiwa: the timeline so we can discuss it on Chatzy later on and get to add decent dates.

In the meantime, Shorah! I gotta get some sleep here… ><