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I have just edited the last guidelines- the ones concerning the Ghortahnti frescoes.
I will provide “inspirational photos” soon.
Both projects are officially up-to-date now! This means that we can really start working on concept art (I will, as soon as I am done giving everyone the commissions I owe them).

That said, what will we call this thing now? If the “first part” is called David’s Journey and that the other is called Mi’Zhika, what should the project, as a whole, be called?

I’m trying to think of something that include both names… Any suggestions?

Also, please welcome Skipyau, an amazing concept artist who has just joined the group though he was already part of David’s Journey..


MAJOR update!

Gehn, Lord of Ages and I have spoken about one of his past projets, David’s Journey, which was the first Age project I participated to before the holidays during which my brother, LeBaronNoir, came up with Mi’Zhika. Turns out that David’s Journey was kind of “asleep” (or, as I like to call it, “in coma”) for a long time now. I had, in fact, not checked out its OpenUru forum since September 2009!

I suggested that our team help him once we would be done with Mi’Zhika. This is when he had this amazing idea (I had thought of the same one except I never uttered it since I couldn’t see where it would merge) to merge both projects. It will be a difficult task, no doubt, but it may end up being real interesting and helping both parties. Indeed, let’s not forget that we still need somebody to help us with the soundtrack, while GLOA’s project needed a bit of a boost.

That said, our original plot thickens with new drama between DRC members, and another problem related to Mihro and the Ghortahnti. Where did David Ingram go? The answer lies in the very caves explorers must visit in order to decipher Mihro’s mysterious notes and figure out the puzzle that explains the famous “ghost’s apperance” in the tombs.

Needless to say, this will be exciting, though a lot of work as it means that we will need to bring David’s Journey to phase three as soon as possible so that both projects are at the same level. David’s Journey will thus have to catch up with Mi’Zhika, though all it really needs right now are guidelines and a few informative sheets before we can give it concept art and maps, as we are already doing for Mi’Zhika.

Mi’Zhika will thus be part of David’s Journey, though both are to remain slightly separate for the time being- until both are at the same planning phase, that is.

That said, please welcome Gehn, Lord of Ages, our latest teal member! Though his job for the team has not been defined yet, he will sure help us merge both projects into one.

The project has gone one step further in terms of preparation for Open Source!

A new member! And some updates…

Please welcome HTilden42, our new team-member and official cartographer!
HTilden42 now has full access to our documents on Google and is currently working on the maps that will be needed in the game- a tough and time-consumming job alright!

Other than that, I have finally updated the entire blog by adding the information we had so far on each page.
The pages that are left empty will either be completed later once we have more files and info to put up, or are to contain final goodies that we will upload once the game is nearly ready.
LostThyme has kindly allowed me to upload her concept art as long as it was re-sized to a maximum of 500 pixels wide/heigh and mentioned that it was hers (I have added transluscent text on each picture to this effect).
I cannot wait until we start the following stage. I will, in fact, list those “phases” or “steps” in a different post.