When Natalie, Dave and Stanley are sent on Mi’Zhika to work for the DRC, they think the restoration there will just be a formality; the natives are helpful, there are lots of D’ni documents to work with, and few artifacts to identify. However, Natalie eventually discovers that a lot of these documents contain encrypted footnotes concerning the Ghortahnti, a people prior to the island’s current natives. This mysterious population who lived in desert shafts apparently left an intriguing secret behind them, something that could benefit everyone on Mi’Zhika.
Unable to solve the riddles, Natalie decides it is time to open the Age to explorers, especially since Stanley is convinced he saw what the locals call “the weeping lady”- a child’s myth, she thinks, hallucinations in the desert’s tunnels.
But before they can discuss this with their superiors, the DRC breaks up due to lack of funds. However, the three of them do not leave the Age.
Years later, the DRC comes back only to discover that according to the natives, the team had continued to work on Mi’Zhika… until their sudden disappearance.