Please welcome HTilden42, our new team-member and official cartographer!
HTilden42 now has full access to our documents on Google and is currently working on the maps that will be needed in the game- a tough and time-consumming job alright!

Other than that, I have finally updated the entire blog by adding the information we had so far on each page.
The pages that are left empty will either be completed later once we have more files and info to put up, or are to contain final goodies that we will upload once the game is nearly ready.
LostThyme has kindly allowed me to upload her concept art as long as it was re-sized to a maximum of 500 pixels wide/heigh and mentioned that it was hers (I have added transluscent text on each picture to this effect).
I cannot wait until we start the following stage. I will, in fact, list those “phases” or “steps” in a different post.