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I have just edited the last guidelines- the ones concerning the Ghortahnti frescoes.
I will provide “inspirational photos” soon.
Both projects are officially up-to-date now! This means that we can really start working on concept art (I will, as soon as I am done giving everyone the commissions I owe them).

That said, what will we call this thing now? If the “first part” is called David’s Journey and that the other is called Mi’Zhika, what should the project, as a whole, be called?

I’m trying to think of something that include both names… Any suggestions?

Also, please welcome Skipyau, an amazing concept artist who has just joined the group though he was already part of David’s Journey..


Apparently, Gehn, lord of Ages has just submitted the guidelines needed for David’s Journey. This means that it has now caught up with Mi’Zhika (real fast!) and is in Phase Three: Concept Art.

Since there is already quite a lot of concept art on diverse sites concerning the first part of this project, I have decided to gather all the pieces needed somewhere in the docs. That should hopefully help us move on a little…

MAJOR update!

Gehn, Lord of Ages and I have spoken about one of his past projets, David’s Journey, which was the first Age project I participated to before the holidays during which my brother, LeBaronNoir, came up with Mi’Zhika. Turns out that David’s Journey was kind of “asleep” (or, as I like to call it, “in coma”) for a long time now. I had, in fact, not checked out its OpenUru forum since September 2009!

I suggested that our team help him once we would be done with Mi’Zhika. This is when he had this amazing idea (I had thought of the same one except I never uttered it since I couldn’t see where it would merge) to merge both projects. It will be a difficult task, no doubt, but it may end up being real interesting and helping both parties. Indeed, let’s not forget that we still need somebody to help us with the soundtrack, while GLOA’s project needed a bit of a boost.

That said, our original plot thickens with new drama between DRC members, and another problem related to Mihro and the Ghortahnti. Where did David Ingram go? The answer lies in the very caves explorers must visit in order to decipher Mihro’s mysterious notes and figure out the puzzle that explains the famous “ghost’s apperance” in the tombs.

Needless to say, this will be exciting, though a lot of work as it means that we will need to bring David’s Journey to phase three as soon as possible so that both projects are at the same level. David’s Journey will thus have to catch up with Mi’Zhika, though all it really needs right now are guidelines and a few informative sheets before we can give it concept art and maps, as we are already doing for Mi’Zhika.

Mi’Zhika will thus be part of David’s Journey, though both are to remain slightly separate for the time being- until both are at the same planning phase, that is.

That said, please welcome Gehn, Lord of Ages, our latest teal member! Though his job for the team has not been defined yet, he will sure help us merge both projects into one.

The project has gone one step further in terms of preparation for Open Source!

Well, I am officially done with the guidelines, although I will need to complete what concerns the Ghortahnti frescoes and add actual dates for the timeline. That I intend to do with Izza’s help, once the whole group meets again on Chatzy.

In the meantime, I have started a prompt on our DeviantArt group to try and get people to write something for the Ghortahnti books that are to be inserted in the game. I intend to write a short song as well as little prayer-book- all translated straight away, of course. I might post its translated version on DeviantArt so as to share it with the others, as I hope they will do the same…

Other than that, I have also began to look for decent, copyright-free songs which lyrics I would change for the game. I think I will ask my friends Shahzi and Ruxanna for traditional Sufi and/or  Pahrsi hymns for the Ghortahnti. I might find something decent for Kutchedra’s theme and will tweak a Celtic and/or Armenian song or two for the D’ni. However, Peshinooti  music will be hard to come up with…
I just wish we had an actual composer and musician to work with us. That would be perfect. In the meantime, here are a few songs that may be used in the future. Please do not mind the instruments (and even less the lyrics and language), for we will completely change them along with the speed and rhythm. Please try to imagine this was all oriental 😛
Sorry for the lame sound- imagine it was really slow, calm, with Kabyle instruments 😛

There is a medieval song, Sommer und Winter which I could not find anywhere on the internet but will provide soon enough…

Imagine this one much slower, without all the Indian instruments… and much airier vocals.

I will post more stuff soon, but I will have to look for more copyright-free stuff first :/ Please bear with me…

I have finally finished the “Plant-doc’s” rough draft. All I need is to develop it a little and it will be ready to upload on Google.
I have also made two more documents (which will be uploaded soon too) as I edited the timeline which is now ready (though it is still missing dates): a list of Kanlehzhoy’s most notable kings and of Mi’Zhika’s most notable chiefs, and a little Peshinooti glossary (which is rather useless, just there to list the few “foreign” words we made up in case they need to be replaced ASAP).
This will all be uploaded soon.
:iconizzatakiwa: has finished his sketches on the planet’s solar system and is currently working on Mihro’s IC journal and a few sketches. For those of you who were not on Chatzy today, the world itself is known as Ô, the Peshinooti’s country of origin is Kanlezhoy, and the island is (duh) Mi’Zhika. I seriously hope I will be able to edit everything one last time before I leave so that I may send :iconizzatakiwa: the timeline so we can discuss it on Chatzy later on and get to add decent dates.

In the meantime, Shorah! I gotta get some sleep here… ><

Easter Egg?

My brother and I have been discussing the possibility for Mi’Zhika to have an “easter egg” for a while now, but only got to its actual conception now. Originally, my brother thought it would be cool to have an easter egg for players to look for and decided we should have another puzzle that would open an extra cave or something. However, I forgot which one of us eventually decided not to have it in an extra cave, but to have it in the coridoor that led to the most important cave in the end instead.  It was I, in the end, who suggested that this easter egg be a type of “cameo”, since my brother thought it would be cool to make a “funny fresco”. The fresco could have been anything, really, and honestly, I have forgotten what our ideas used to be back then, but the cameo eventually sounded like it could be fun, as long as the people represented on there would not be recogniseable- at least not explicitely.

I have not spoken of this to the other team members yet since I don’t want them to freak out and instantly veto it (I already know some who would do that before letting us explain the idea). I still don’t know how to suggest it, but I think I will wait until all of the guidelines have been read and illustrated and that the walkthrough has finally been typed up.

The idea was to have the team members represented as unkown characters from places where the Ghortahnti would have lived at one point. In this sense, writers would carry books while Luna, our 3D rendering artist, for instance, could hold compasses or something like that. The point was to have everyone chosing what they wanted their representation to look like (it would not necessarily have to look like their real, offline selves!) and wear, and have them pose like exotic rulers that would have blended with the other frescoes in the room.  However, I have a feeling most of them will oppose.

If this is the case, then we will probably have to think of another type of easter egg, though the point of an easter egg is to be different from most puzzles in the game and to be surprising. In fact, some easter eggs remain unknown in a lot of games…

Recent updates

Time to list some updates for the project!

First, we created a group on DeviantArt right here:

Then, I updated the Gmail account with LT; I added guidelines for concept art, she actually made some concept art 🙂

Other than that, I recently found the Ghortahnti alphabet, which I had lost, and will have to learn it in order to write it better and show the team members some examples. I hope that in the end, we will be able to create a free font to use for the final PDF documents. In the meantime, I will have to learn to use the alphabet in case we can’t so that the documents don’t look sloppy if scanned and written by hand. I might even practise it more often if I use it in my diary ^^

Other than that, I will soon post condensed, public versions of the documents uploaded on the team’s Gmail account for everyone to see what the project will be about. These pages will then be replicated on the official site later on, once we get actual illustrations for each article.

I am still working on the timeline at the moment considering it may be cut up in different sections and requires dates using regular Gregorian, D’ni, and Peshinooti calendars. This means I’ll have to ask for some help since there are complicated ways to calculate each date in comparison with the Gregorian calendar.

That’s it for now, but there may also be a future update concerning texts. I have indeed found an old alphabet for a culture which Age that will never be created. This means I may edit the current Ghortahnti alphabet.