Gehn, Lord of Ages and I have started discussing ways to improve the way Mi’Zhika and David’s Journey‘s plots interwined and all, and this is what we came up with:

  • The Age of Rifoon (aka “poet’s wife’s tomb”) belongs to Mihro’s family. He was one of their ancestors.
  • Mihro had a brother who was a maintainer.
  • Mi’Zhika was an illicit Age only known to Mihro, his brother and their father, an influencial writer.
  • Mihro’s brother gets lost in the Desert Age. Mihro and Kutchedra look for him, but Mihro dies in the process. Kutchedra returns to D’ni and hides the book of Mi’Zhika. He keeps a copy of the linking book with him and leaves D’ni.
As for David and the other DRC characters, we found a way for them to be linked to each other. David will just be another intern on Mi’Zhika, and all three of them worked on all of the Ages involved in the project.
I can’t wait to re-write the walkthrough, backstory and site pages now! XD