My brother and I have been discussing the possibility for Mi’Zhika to have an “easter egg” for a while now, but only got to its actual conception now. Originally, my brother thought it would be cool to have an easter egg for players to look for and decided we should have another puzzle that would open an extra cave or something. However, I forgot which one of us eventually decided not to have it in an extra cave, but to have it in the coridoor that led to the most important cave in the end instead.  It was I, in the end, who suggested that this easter egg be a type of “cameo”, since my brother thought it would be cool to make a “funny fresco”. The fresco could have been anything, really, and honestly, I have forgotten what our ideas used to be back then, but the cameo eventually sounded like it could be fun, as long as the people represented on there would not be recogniseable- at least not explicitely.

I have not spoken of this to the other team members yet since I don’t want them to freak out and instantly veto it (I already know some who would do that before letting us explain the idea). I still don’t know how to suggest it, but I think I will wait until all of the guidelines have been read and illustrated and that the walkthrough has finally been typed up.

The idea was to have the team members represented as unkown characters from places where the Ghortahnti would have lived at one point. In this sense, writers would carry books while Luna, our 3D rendering artist, for instance, could hold compasses or something like that. The point was to have everyone chosing what they wanted their representation to look like (it would not necessarily have to look like their real, offline selves!) and wear, and have them pose like exotic rulers that would have blended with the other frescoes in the room.  However, I have a feeling most of them will oppose.

If this is the case, then we will probably have to think of another type of easter egg, though the point of an easter egg is to be different from most puzzles in the game and to be surprising. In fact, some easter eggs remain unknown in a lot of games…