Kutchedra is one of the characters who are not actually present in the game and are only mentioned in documents.
He was born in Syrobah, one of the greatest cities in his native Obinian province due to its important harbour. Obinia itself was a very powerful empire (also known as “both kingdoms” since it included both Upper and Lower Obinia) at the time and stongly relied on such ports. However, Syrobah was known to suffer from local piracy until the emperor sent his coast guards to hunt these pirates down to “cleanse” the city. Once caught, pirates were given the choice between working for the emperor as “legal” pirates or being hanged. These “redeemed” pirates whose job was to loot the enemy’s ships were known as Hayeeks. Kutchedra was one of them.
His father was a shipowner in Syroba who did his best to give him a decent education. However, Kutchedra disliked Obinia’s imperial education and did everything he could to convince his teachers that he was good-for-nothing. In the end, he dropped out of school at 12 and became his father’s apprentice.
One day, the ship he was on with his father was seized by pirates who slaughtered all those who did not instantly obey them. Kutchedra helplessly watched his father and most of his men being executed in front of him before he was thrown down the hold. He remained there several years, working for the pirates as a slave. When he turned 16, he decided to follow some of his shipmates’ advise and became a pirate himself in order to be respected on board. However, the emperor’s men caught up with them four years later and so he became a Hayeek. When he found out that someone he didn’t even know had inherited of his father’s belongings and had sold them all to pay bar debts, he searched for the man and killed him. He then ran away and hid on board of the Shurdhi, the ship Mihro took to return from a long voyage in Possopeah (the continent Obinia is part of), and hoped not to be found so that he would not be hanged for murder.
However, the ship sank during a storm. He and Mihro were the only two survivors, and because the old man wanted to thank him for saving his life, he took him in as his apprentice so that he would be given a second chance.

Kutchedra had a hard time learning D’ni and was unable to write it for a very long time, much to Mihro’s disappointment.
However, he followed Mihro everywhere and quickly learnt what the job of a linguist was all about, though the guild refused to accept him as a true member. He did manage to help Mihro in the sense that he was excellent at blending in with natives on many Ages since he had always relied on this ablility of his to survive.
Though Kutchedra had heard of Mi’Zhika, Mihro never took him there. He did not go to the island until Mihro died and gave him the Age’s descriptive book. There, he quickly learnt Peshinooti and liked the culture so much he was given a specific status similar to that of other natives. He then left the island for over twenty years and did not return until he was married and a father of two children. It is said that his third son married a local chief and returned to D’ni.
It is probable that Kutchedra and his wife died before the Fall, though his children probably suffered from the plague.

According to his journals, he had found Mihro’s research on the Ghortahnti but had not understood what it was about and had given up searching for the clues his foster father had left behind. He was clearly more interested in the Peshinooti than in the Ghortahnti and disliked anything related to the past. The opposite can be said about Mihro…