Well hello (or Shorah, if you’re a Myst fan) everyone!

If you came here, it’s because you’re probably wondering who we are as a team, what it is we do, or “what is Mi’Zhika”. Well, this should answer your questions! :)

What is Mi’Zhika?

Mi’Zhika is the name of an island in an Age we are creating for MOUL (aka Myst Online: Uru Live). Now what is MOUL, Myst, and an Age?
For those of you who do not know, I’m afraid you are going to look it up :P
MOUL, as all Myst fans know, is an online extension of the video game Uru, which is, in turn, part of the Mystseries. An Age is a world to which one can link via a linking or descriptive book- like I said, look it up anywhere. Even Wikipedia will do :)

Mi’Zhika is an island in the Age (or world) of Ô. Its inhabitants have not left it for centuries.
In our game’s back-story, Mihro, a young linguist, kept this illicit book secret with his younger brother until his death. Although the book was a family tabboo, Mihro was attracted to the Age and its native people. He studied it, lived in it, and then left for different reasons. He grew old and went on travelling across many Ages in order to bring back information about them to several guilds in D’ni, being a linguist. In one of these Ages, he met Kutchedra, a young pirate who fled his country in order not to be executed for his crimes, although he claims to have changed. Mihro took him to D’ni with him and gave him that second chance he so wanted. But Mihro died without having ever mentioned Mi’Zhika to him. When Kutchedra found out about it, he linked there and tried to find out what Mihro’s work was like over there. However, he was not able to solve the puzzles the old man had left behind him.
Hundreds of years later, after the Fall, the DRC found this book and linked there. Now the thing is that this Age is still inhabited. Its inhabitants speak D’ni, but had no idea that the Fall had even occurred, being cut off from everything. And Mihro’s puzzles still lie there, unsolved.
It’s going to up to explorers (or players, whichever you prefer) to look for clues and solve this ancient mystery which could, in the end, change the island’s current inhabitants’ lives for ever.

Who is this team?

The team is made up of several people who all try to contribute to this project as best as they can. They are 3D artists, illustrators, cartographers, writers, musicians, etc.
Right now, there are few of us, but not to worry: I’m sure it will grow little by little, as we define the whole thing more and more.
Here comes the talented few who make up our team:

:bulletblue::iconlebaronnoir: The mastermind behind Mi’Zhika, its story and concept.

:bulletblue::iconlunanne: Our official 3D artist who helps us with anything concerning Blender, Bryce, and 3D models.

:bulletblue::iconizzatakiwa: The one who designed machines, our avatar, and writes Mihro’s journal.

:bulletblue::iconlostthyme: Our official illustrator when it comes to concept art, in-game illustrations and (maybe) frescoes…

:bulletblue::iconhtilden42: Our official cartographer for everything concerning the world of Ô, KanlehZhoy and the island of Mi’Zhika.

:bulletblue::icongehnlordofages: David’s Journey‘s leader. He helps us merge both projects and teams so that we all get together and work on this one major project involving the DRC and a complex plot…

:bulletblue::iconskipyau: Probably one of the most talented concept artists here on DA. With his help, the project is boundto succeed- and look great!

:bulletblue::iconaander91: Our official composer and musician for the games’ soundtrack. His music is Myst-like and yet is unlike anything you’ve heard.

:bulletblue::iconkapera: A great writer in charge of over-seeing all of the written documents that are to be part of the game.

:bulletblue::iconharryx91: A wonderful concept artist interested in the architecture in the game.

:bulletblue::iconchakat-shadowsand: Another editor for the group’s documents.

:bulletblue::iconafroninja1: A writer and editor with enough experience to guide us through this project.

:bulletblue::iconwandererbard: Our latest team-member. A great concept artist.

And well, myself, :iconallatwan:, the mastermind’s sister, group founder, and general concept artist from time to time.

You may contact us at mizhika.project@gmail.com .